I'm Ryan Ferguson, a freelance sports journalist from Wirral, England, and Voetbal Vision is the lovechild of my deep interest in both football and writing. Here, I pride myself of creating original and diverse content in a unique manner. Typically, my work takes an opinionated tone, with well-constructed prose elaborating on my opinions, memories and experiences watching football.

I started this blog as a hobby in 2012, prior to the European Championships in Poland & Ukraine. During that tournament, I wrote articles daily, chronicling the matches, happenings and characters which captivated our imagination. Voetbal Vision became an outlet for my views, a demonstration of my footballing acumen, and an enabling platform creating networks, associates and partners through which I've developed a career.

Indeed, at the age of 19, I now target a life within professional journalism. My full portfolio, which archives all media work and maps my career trajectory, can be found here. I encourage you to take a moment to visit that site and perhaps provide some feedback on how I can develop.

Voetbal Vision, my first foray into disciplined writing, will always remain a jewel in the crown. Here, I endeavour to provide regular content of a professional standard, which readers find helpful and meaningful.

In maintaining this blog with pride, my ultimate aim is to enlighten the lives, aid the understanding, and enhance the knowledge of everyday football fans around the globe.

We all love football. Let's share it together.

Your continued support is valued immensely.

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